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Electric motor Tesla Model S is a direct descendant of the engine designed by Nikola Tesla. Brushless, 4 pole, 3 phase AC motor with liquid cooling.

It is extremely small in size compared to internal combustion engines. Located on the rear axle between the wheels.

The motor consists of two parts: rotor and stator. Materials (from outer to inner layer): aluminum, steel, copper. The only point of contact in the motor bearings.

Such engine allows to refuse from the transmission and use a direct drive. The motor provides the maximum speed - 208 km/h (130 mph) on a single pass. The engine produces 100% torque at any speed, very effective, has a chance of recovery.

The dynamic characteristics of the Telsa Model S thanks to this engine comparable to a Mercedes S class or BMW 7 series. The ratio of power-to-weight from the Model S among the best cars in its class. Engine torque 600 N·m , the power of 416 horsepower, the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in a startling 4.2 for the sedan S.

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